The 9 Steps to Professional Rug Cleaning in Long Island

long island rug cleaningRugs are a beautiful addition to any Long Island home and can add some vibrant color and life to any living space. Redecorating your home takes time and money – most people would prefer to keep their current decorations in good condition. In order to keep your rugs in tip-top shape, it is recommended to have them professionally cleaned every 12-18 months…Preferably by a professional rug cleaning company like Olde World Rug Washing Co.

Did you know that a rug that comes in contact with pets or shoes should be cleaned more often than rugs that are hung? You will also want to have your rugs cleaned if you have allergies or airborne sensitivities in your home. Your rug acts like a large “filter” that can capture all of those airborne allergens. When your rug becomes “full” those allergens are released back into the air you are breathing.

Rug cleaning is a craft, and technicians at Olde World Rug Washing Company have expert craftsmanship in using ‘new world’ rug cleaning technology to restore rugs in the Long Island area. They are experienced with all types of sizes, shapes, and fabrics of rugs in order to provide high-quality rug cleaning and repair services. In-plant, authentic cleaning service will include hand cleaning the front and back of your rug. All services have guaranteed protection by being fully insured. You can be certain you will get your money’s worth and extend the life of your rugs. Rug cleaning adds a vibrant, fresh look to the natural beauty of your rug.

Make sure your rugs are taken out of home to be cleaned. A wet rug can cause a buildup of water and leak rug coloring to stain and damage flooring.a foul odor, mud, and a damaged foundation can come from having your rug cleaned in your own home. Make sure a professional is hired to pick up your rug, wash, clean, rinse, and dry the rug outside of your home.

Technicians will clean your rug in the company facility. They will give your rug a bath to clean the entire surface, and remove stubborn stains such as soil, oil, and contaminants. They will use temperature and moisture control along with professional technology to thoroughly rinse and dry your rug so that it can retain its original state of beauty. When rugs are not being cleaned, they are safely wrapped and stored to preserve their wellbeing.

There are 9 steps to cleaning your rug:

  1. Your rug will be picked up from your home and pre-examined to determine its cleaning “prescription” and what can be done to improve its current status.
  2. Dry soil gets into the nooks and crevices of rugs. Special dusting and vacuuming equipment will be used to remove soil.
  3. Depending on the rug type, an emulsifier will be used to precondition the rug and help remove soil and dirt.
  4. Spot treatment is used to remove problem spots that may include specific stains or fringing.
  5. Shampooing then occurs with a sensitive and gentle shampoo to protect the integrity of the fibers.
  6. The shampoo is washed and rinsed out of the rug in a wash pit or with extraction equipment.
  7. The rug will be speed dried flat or hung to dry once rinsed. Proper drying techniques help prevent misshaping of the rug.
  8. When the rug is dry, it is combed and specialty rugs are soft groomed.
  9. Specialists will inspect the finished rug before it leaves the facility when it is in the delivery process. If the rug passes inspection, it will be laid out in your home once again.