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Routine Rug Washing Protects Your Investment

Handmade rugs are valuable pieces of art. Whether your rug is an antique, a collectible, a family heirloom or brand new, all hand-knotted rugs need special attention and care. You can protect and enjoy your valuable rug investment by following simple routine cleaning steps and partnering with The Olde World Rug Washing Company in Eastern […]

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Protecting Your Valuable Rugs and Carpets

Heirloom quality rugs are true works of art. The designs, materials and hours of labor contribute to a lasting treasure that represents the artisan and your Eastern Long Island home’s aesthetic. Whether you purchased rugs at an antiques show, carpet dealer, flea market, or garage sale, find out all you can about the material composition […]

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3 Reasons To Clean Your Rugs

Eastern Long Island residents are no strangers to dust and dirt. When it comes to our rugs, dust and dirt are easily absorbed into the fibers. The more dust and dirt your rugs absorb, the more wear and tear your rugs will experience, which can lead to a shorter lifespan. The best way to clean […]

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Rush Washing in Eastern Long Island

Growing up, you probably didn’t pay much notice to the area rugs in your home. Like many belongings in the house, they were just always there. However, when you moved into your own home and found out how much a good oriental area rug costs, you probably thought a little more about how to care […]

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Rugs: From Dirty To Clean

Rugs are a beautiful decoration and addition to the home. They may not always be in areas of high traffic, but there are many ways a rug can get dirty. If you have kids, you know that your home can become a mess within minutes. Kids like to eat and drink snacks throughout the day. […]