Rug Cleaning   

When Olde World Craftsmanship Meets ‘New World’ Rug Washing Technology!

The Olde World Rug Washing Company offers high-quality rug cleaning and rug repair services. Our highly trained and independently certified rug cleaning specialists have decades of experience caring for rugs of all fabric types and sizes. We pay attention to detail and offer authentic hand washing of your rugs front and back.  We are fully insured to guarantee your protection.



100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Professional rug cleaning is essential in extending the life of your rugs and can bring out the natural beauty of your rugs by adding a more vibrant, fresh look and feel. The Olde World Rug Washing Company uses a proven and patented Aqua03 Final Rinse System that is guaranteed to satisfy rug owners.

The average time recommended between professional cleanings is 12-18 months. If your rug is in a heavy traffic area, or if you have pets or suffer from airborne allergies, you may need to clean more often.

Why Have Your Rug Picked Up for Cleaning?

While it may seem a simple task to clean your rug in-home, this actually isn’t the best option for caring for your rug. Leaving a wet rug in your home can cause buildup of water saturation or color staining on the flooring underneath, which can result in foundation damage, mud and a foul odor.

Allowing our technicians to clean your rug in our facility allows us to give the rug a full bath, removing stubborn soil and contaminants. Our facilities are temperature and moisture controlled for the best conditions to thoroughly dry and preserve the integrity of your rug.

Rug & Fabric Protection

Optional Rug and fabric protection can be applied to prevent staining, discourage insect activity, and increase vacuum efficiency, giving your rugs a healthier, longer lifespan.

Rug Storage

If your rugs will be stored after our proven cleaning process, we will safely wrap and store the rugs to keep them safe, secure, and clean.

Click Here to learn more about our 9 Step Cleaning Process.

Rug Repair

With direction and supervision from our master craftsman, our carpeting experts perform almost any type of rug repair on antique, fine, handmade or machine made rugs. We provide services to repair moth damage, repair seams, rewrap and repair rug sides, reweave fringe, patch or reweave holes, etc. We can even repair rugs affected by water damage.

Color Restoration & Spot Dyeing

Whether from a flood causing color run, faded sunspots, staining or high traffic use, our craftsman can restore your rug to like new condition. Through precise and delicate work, our technicians will uniquely determine the best way to not only clean, but lift stains and spots to restore the color of your antique, fine, handmade or machine made rugs. If you have spots on your rugs, due to high traffic or chemical use, such as bleach, we can use our in-house cleaning methods to lift and counteract the spots in the rug. We’ll then dye and blend the fibers for a cohesive, clean and uniform color, restoring the rug to its original condition.

Moth Proofing

Moths, carpet beetles and other insects like to settle in dark, undisturbed locations. When it comes to areas of your home, rugs are an easy target for an insect dinner. Rugs stored away before proper cleaning and wrapping, rugs under furniture that are rarely cleaned and homes with pets are susceptible to these unwanted pests. These insects will not only help themselves to a convenient meal, but will eventually lay eggs, and the hatched larvae will continue to eat and chew threw the rug fibers. Insects can cause major damage to rugs and carpeting in matters of a month.

In order to protect your rugs, it’s important to have your rugs regularly cleaned every 12-18 months. Pet owners will want to have their rugs cleaned more frequently as moths and other insects are attracted to animal urine. It’s important to act quickly to clean and remove any accidents are spills that occur on your rugs. After a professional cleaning, ask one our cleaning technicians to insect proof your rug, as this treatment can prevent future infestations for close to a year.

Rug Blocking

Rugs lose their shape over time or become wrinkled and distorted. In order to return the rug to its original state, we offer rug blocking services. This process requires delicate work to clean the rug, then while the rug is wet, stretch the rug to its intended, original shape. Once square and flat, the edges of the rug are secured while the rug is thoroughly dried in a temperature and moisture controlled facility.


Pet Odor & Stain Removal

Rugs capture unpleasant odors and tend to hold on to those odors. With some professional help, stubborn odors can be completely removed. Our certified rug experts can gently and safely eliminate most unpleasant odors caused by pets, smoke, mildew, and other contaminants.



Rug Cushion

We offer several types of rug pad and cushion that can help prevent your rugs from bunching or slipping. Our rug padding provides a nice cushion that will ensure your rugs last longer and feel nicer to walk on.


Rug Appraisals

In addition to our cleaning and restoration services, we also pride ourselves on rug appraisals. With years of experience, we’re able to determine the market value of your rug based on the make, fibers, and condition of your rug. Having your rug appraised is as valuable as the rug itself. If your rug is ever damaged by a flood or fire, stolen, or even if you are looking to sell, it is essential to have your rug appraised by a specialist who has the right expertise and certifications.

At Olde World Rug Washing Company we have a dedicated Professional Specialist on-site who is capable of appraising any type of textile from antique tribal kilims to modern rugs. When you contact our professional for a rug appraisal, our analysis will lead to an accurate market value.