Rush Washing in Eastern Long Island

Growing up, you probably didn’t pay much notice to the area rugs in your home. Like many belongings in the house, they were just always there. However, when you moved into your own home and found out how much a good oriental area rug costs, you probably thought a little more about how to care for it so that it would extend its life and be less expensive. Here are some tips for maintaining your rug, including rug washing from Olde World Rug Washing Company in Eastern Long Island. 

rug cleaning services eastern long islandRotate Your Rug

It used to be common practice that you would rotate your mattress every year or so, to ensure the wear was equal on both sides. And it is pretty standard procedure to rotate your tires every few thousand miles for the same purpose of having equal wear and tear. So, it shouldn’t surprise you that this a great procedure to follow each year for rugs. Even if you take care of your rug regularly with rug washing, you would still benefit from keeping track of which side needs to be rotated out where the traffic patterns are more intense. This way, you won’t have an embarrassingly obvious bright area where your couch once sat. 

Vacuum Regularly

It is vitally important to the life of your rug that you vacuum it on a regular basis. You can’t have your professional rug washing every day, but a good daily or thrice weekly vacuum will keep your rug clean and less worn. You may wonder if your vacuum would be doing more damage by running over it so often, but this is not the case. When dirt and debris get into the fibers of your rug, they can rub against the fibers and destroy them from the base. Whereas a vacuum will suck upwards and any sort of damage will be minimal, while it removes the potential for damage by sucking up the dirt. There is one thing you should keep your vacuum brush roller away from, however, and that is the tassels on the ends if you have any. These can get tangled or ripped if they are sucked into the brush roller. Instead, consider using a hose attachment to clean those. 

Rug Washing

A rug should be washed from time to time; how often it occurs will depend on the rug and the traffic amount that it undertakes. Having professional rug washing is a breeze. Your washing company will come to you, give you an estimate, take it to their workspace, clean it, and have it available for pick up. You don’t have to tiptoe around wet rugs or worry about the wood or flooring underneath them getting damaged. 

If you have an oriental rug in your possession, make sure that you have it professionally cleaned to keep it clean and vibrant. Many antique rugs have lasted for hundreds of years if they are well taken care of. These rugs can be family heirlooms and would be a piece that any member of your family would appreciate owning one day if they are maintained.