How Is Professional Rug Cleaning Different From Carpet Cleaning

oriental rug cleaning westhampton beach, rug cleaning westhampton beach, professional rug cleaning westhampton beachOriental rugs and area rugs have been made for centuries in all different corners of the world, and they can last for hundreds of years, but only if you take care of them properly. How is it possible that rugs can last that long, even with rudimentary cleaning techniques of older days? Because the process of professional rug cleaning that is practiced today can be simple, but it does take a bit of work to get them cleaned efficiently. Here is how Olde World Rug Washing Company cleans rugs.

Immersion Cleaning
You may assume that rugs and carpets are exactly the same in their construction, but they actually vary quite a bit. Carpets have fibers that are looped onto a mesh screen and glued onto a plastic backing, whereas rugs are tied to fibers on the back and have no backing. This means that carpets should be cleaned from the top, and rugs are better cleaned by immersion. Rugs will be soaked and rinsed on a draining surface at the company headquarters until the water runs clean. This is much more effective for rugs because there is no plastic backing, so they can have water run right through them and get all the debris out. Unlike carpets that can only have the debris sucked from the top.

Cold Water
A professional rug cleaning company will always only use cold water to rinse out area rugs as opposed to steam cleaning carpet cleaners. If you use hot water, it could be damaging to the fibers and the colors may bleed. If your rug is an antique, this can be a devastating mistake that could cost you thousands of dollars. So make sure you have your rugs cleaned by a professional rug cleaner, and not a carpet cleaner.

Vacuuming your rugs can be beneficial for regular everyday cleaning, but area rugs require a bit more attention than that from time to time. You may wonder why a professional rug cleaning company will take your rugs with them rather than just cleaning them at your home. Rug cleaners need to take your rug off site so that they can dust it thoroughly with dusting equipment that is not easy to transport. It is necessary to get this dirt off before the immersion cleaning process so that the dirt doesn’t embed into the rugs and form a kind of plaster between the fibers.

Some carpet cleaners don’t even understand the damage they can do to rugs when they clean them, so make sure you hire a professional rug cleaning company to take care of your area rugs. And if you haven’t had your area rugs cleaned in a while, make sure you contact the Olde World Rug Washing Company in Westhampton Beach right away. Keeping your area rugs cleaned will extend the life of your rug. When you invest as much money as you do to buy a nice rug, you need to make sure that they stay nice.