Rugs: From Dirty To Clean

rug cleaning eastern long island, rug washing eastern long islandRugs are a beautiful decoration and addition to the home. They may not always be in areas of high traffic, but there are many ways a rug can get dirty. If you have kids, you know that your home can become a mess within minutes. Kids like to eat and drink snacks throughout the day. While they are enjoying their food, they may spill. Since they are actively playing around the house this spill may end up on a rug either directly or indirectly. Kids may also track in dirty water, dirt, mud, or sand from outside and right onto a rug.

There may be more traffic on a rug from either adults, kids, or visitors. High traffic will cause a rug to show wear and become dirtier faster. If you have any pets, especially young or new pets, there are likely to be accidents on the rug. Pets may chew, shed hair, slobber, pee, or poop on a rug. All these would call for a rug cleaning. Accidents are bound to happen. No rug will stay clean forever. Even a rug not being used will pick up dust over time. It is wise to clean your rugs 1-2 times a year, or more often as necessary. Olde World Rug Company serves eastern Long Island residents. If you live in the eastern Long Island area and own any rugs, don’t be afraid to call in professional help to pick up and clean your rug(s).

Companies like Olde World Rug Co will pick up rugs for cleaning or clean them on locations. It is recommended for oriental and loose woven rugs to be cleaned in-plant rather than on location. Professional cleaners will follow a 9 step cleaning process to leave your rugs looking clean and new.

  1. There will be a pre-inspection to see what cleaning is necessary and how the rug needs to be cleaned. The rug will be taken from the home to be cleaned.
  2. Dry Soil will be removed in a process that is like dusting the rug
  3. Depending on the rug, the next step is to pre-condition and pre-treat the rug to emulsify it.
  4. Any difficult spots will be spot-treated and any fringing will be pre-treated
  5. Rugs will get a gentle shampooing to clean them while also protecting their integrity
  6. Rugs will be rinsed or washed according to how fragile they are. Water extraction equipment may be used.
  7. Rugs will go through a speed dry process. Proper drying maintains the rug’s correct shape and size.
  8. When the rug is dry it will be combed and groomed.
  9. Lastly, the rug will be inspected again. If it passes inspection it will be delivered back to your home.

Beyond cleaning, there is an option to get rug protection applied as well. The benefits of rug protection include stain prevention, insect activity being repelled, longer lasting lifespan, increased vacuum efficiency, a healthier rug. It is important to get your rugs cleaned, but to get your money’s worth it is very wise to give your rug the extra protective service.