Tips To Having Clean Rugs And Pets

Having beautiful, clean rugs in Eastern Long Island does wonders to help the feeling of “home” you get when you step inside your residence. Unfortunately, some of the people and things you love most (and that really make a place “home”) can make it hard for you to maintain the rugs in your house and have them looking fresh and clean. Pets are a common culprit; as precious and important to us as they are, they can cause messes that mess with your rugs. Luckily, after putting a few habits in place, you’ll be on your way to the “win-win” home situation that can sometimes seem like a contradiction but isn’t; pets you love, and carpet you love to look at and step on. 

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We at Olde World Rug would like to offer four tips to keep your rugs clean if you have pets: 

  1. Vacuum regularly. Even if your pet doesn’t shed, dander and oils from their skin can get trapped in the fibers of your carpet easy and, if not frequently dislodged and vacuumed up, will be embedded and cause your rugs to smell like your pet. For the average pet and rug situation, recommend vacuuming twice a week, although many factors come into play and you should come up with a plan with your situation in mind.
  2. Keep your pet’s nails groomed. If your pet spends most of its time inside, it is very helpful to clip or file its nails so that they are a little short and will not cause pull outs from your rugs or scratch the surface of harder floors. Whatever tools you decide to use (there are pet-specific nail files on the market, but safety clippers and other things can work well), read up on and watch videos about how to best do this without harming or scaring your beloved critter. 
  3. When pet-related messes happen on your rugs, use a pet-safe spray carpet cleaner. Be sure to test any cleaner you plan to use on a hidden area before spraying it right into the center of your rug. This being said, act fast to clean up debris and get something on it to minimize the difficulty you’ll have getting the scent and color out of the carpet. 
  4. Periodically have your rugs professionally cleaned. Taking this step is an investment for the future and will help your rugs to stay looking and smelling clean. Olde World Rug Washing Company in Eastern Long Island offers thorough rug cleanings with our special nine step cleaning process and optional rug and fabric protection that will help extend the longevity of your rugs and make them resistant to future stains. In addition, we do color restoration and spot dying, moth proofing, and rug blocking, along with other services depending on the needs of your rug. We pride ourselves on offering expert pet odor and stain removal for rugs. 

Pets are great and so are rugs! You can have the best of both worlds if you take care of each properly. Call us today for help making and implementing your rug maintenance plan. Effort invested into your home and family is effort you’ll never regret!