Four Tips For Cleaning Your Rugs

Attractive rugs are an important aspect of an appealing home. However, simply choosing the right rugs for your home is not enough. Keeping them clean is essential as well. Below are four tips for keeping your rugs clean from our rug cleaning experts at Olde World Rug Washing in Eastern Long Island

Spot Check

Spot checking is an important part of carpet cleaning. You spot check by testing cleaning chemicals you have never used before on inconspicuous areas of your carpet. That way, if the chemical turns out to be overly harsh it won’t damage your entire carpet and you will know to try a different cleaning chemical. Even if you are certain that a cleaner won’t damage your carpet you should still do this to be on the safe side. 

Don’t Hire Just Any Carpet Cleaner

Your carpet is very sensitive. You shouldn’t hire just anyone to clean it for you. In fact, cleaning a carpet incorrectly can do much more harm than good. This usually happens when carpet cleaners use excessive amounts of water. When this happens, the water sinks into your carpet and doesn’t fully dry out. The remaining moisture then traps more dirt and debris than it normally would. Over time, this will turn your carpet a dirtier, stained color. 

Give The Rug Plenty Of Time To Dry

Drying your rug well is an essential part of the rug cleaning process. You begin the drying process by laying the rug down flat. Then, flip over to let the bottom side dry. Fans can also help speed up the drying process. Placing a couple of them around the rug may save you a great deal of time. Make sure you don’t jump the gun on putting your rug back. Once the rug is fully dried out, and only then, you can return it back to the room. Make sure you don’t jump the gun on putting your rug back

Determine Whether You Should DIY It

Before you get started, assess your rug. Certain types of rugs are far more delicate and difficult to clean than others. Antique carpets, Persian rugs, and other delicate pieces should be left to the professionals. The added expense and cleaning difficulty associated with these rugs is not worth the risk for you to attempt cleaning them on your own. Because cleaning these types of rugs can cause some wear, they should only be cleaned when they are visibly dirty or have an odor. Other, less expensive rugs you may be able to clean on your own. If the stains are minor or you are just doing a basic cleaning to keep them fresh, you may be able to clean them on your own. Still, if you are uncertain at all about don’t hesitate to contact a professional rug cleaning company for help. We at Olde World Rug Washing in Eastern Long Island are one such company dedicated to providing you with the highest quality service and beautiful, clean rugs.