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Carpet Rug Cleaning And Prevention Suggestions

While the sheer, delicate look of timeless materials like silk and wool rugs make for an elegant and sophisticated space, the vulnerability of the fibers makes it high-risk when it comes to stains and dirt. Hundreds of hours of work and thousands of dollars of cost can be ruined with aggressive cleaning methods. Before you […]

Caring For Your Rugs

If you have purchased a rug in Long Island, then you know that they are definitely not cheap. You have to invest a small fortune in your new living room piece, and that means you want to keep it in good shape. The bad news; rugs are walked on, sat on, spilled on, and exposed […]

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Rugs: From Dirty To Clean

Rugs are a beautiful decoration and addition to the home. They may not always be in areas of high traffic, but there are many ways a rug can get dirty. If you have kids, you know that your home can become a mess within minutes. Kids like to eat and drink snacks throughout the day. […]