Carpet Rug Cleaning Tips In Eastern Long Island

carpet rug cleaning eastern long island, carpet cleaning eastern long island, rug cleaning eastern long islandWith Eastern Long Island winters come snow, ice, slush, and salt – which is a nightmare for your rugs. With continued snowfall, dirt damage and moisture retention are constant threats to your rugs. Anyone coming in and out of your home can track in snow and ice, mixed with the melting precipitation and modern chemicals used to control the winter weather like sand, salt, and ice melt. The harsh conditions associated with winter can take a heavy toll on the high traffic areas of your home, especially entryway rugs. Rugs are not cheap, and many add not only style and décor to your home, but comfort and functionality also. No one wants stained or ruined rugs in their home, so we at Olde World Rug Washing Company would like to offer some tips to keep your rugs safe from winter weather. 

Carpet Rug Cleaning Tips In Eastern Long Island

  1. Keep your walkway and doorway clear

Removing snow from your porch and steps can help reduce what will be carried into your home. Keeping the path into your home as clear as possible can greatly reduce how much sludge gets brought inside. 

  1. Leave shoes at the door

Shoes track in all sorts of bacteria into our homes, and during the winter also bring slush, snow, and mud.  As ice and snow from shoes melt inside, they are left all over your floors. Removing your shoes at the door can greatly reduce the amount of wear, staining, and exposure your rugs must endure. 

  1. Add a pad or mat under your rug

Not only do rug pads help keep your rug lying flat and staying in place, but a good mat or pad under your rugs helps to protect the rug from wear and tear and excess moisture exposure by absorbing the majority of the impact from foot traffic. Most pads are designed to take the strain off of rug fibers by acting as a shock absorber. A mat or pad under your rug provides a layer of extra protection year-round, but especially during winter months.

  1. Vacuum regularly

One of the best things you can do to keep your rugs in good condition and looking their best is to vacuum them regularly. You should vacuum at least once a week to remove surface dust, dirt, and build up so that it cannot be pushed deeper into the fibers of the rug – which can lead to stains and discoloration. During the winter months, it may even be necessary to vacuum more frequently to keep all the outside contaminants off of your rugs. 

  1. Rotate your rugs

To keep your rug from wearing too much in one spot, it is a good idea to rotate them. If you notice areas of your rug are more exposed to harsh winter conditions than others, rotate your rug throughout the season to prevent one area of your rug from wearing too much.

  1. Get your rug professionally cleaned, outside of your home, at least once a year.

Professional carpet rug cleaning is essential in extending the life of your rugs and ensuring that all the harsh winter conditions they are exposed to in Eastern Long Island are safely and thoroughly removed. While it may seem more convenient to have your rug cleaned in-home, leaving a wet rug in your home can cause a buildup of water saturation or color staining on the flooring underneath. Our team has technicians that will come and pick up your rug to take to our cleaning facility which allows us to provide the best conditions and results for your rug. 

Don’t let the winter weather take a toll on your rugs. Call Olde World Rug Washing Company to ensure your rug is looking and feeling its best.