Caring For Your Rugs

If you have purchased a rug in Long Island, then you know that they are definitely not cheap. You have to invest a small fortune in your new living room piece, and that means you want to keep it in good shape. The bad news; rugs are walked on, sat on, spilled on, and exposed to limitless stains, contaminants, and damage. Because they are highly used in our homes and office buildings, rugs need regular cleaning to keep them in good condition. The team at Olde World Rug Washing Company hate to be the bearer of more bad news, but vacuuming alone is not enough to keep rugs clean. Just like carpet, rugs need regular cleaning and routine maintenance. However, unlike carpet cleaning, rug cleaning is done best out of the home.

Dangers of DIY

When trying to clean a rug on your own, in your home, there are many things that can go wrong. First, most local stores carry rug cleaners that are full of chemicals. While they are definitely strong enough to kill any and every bacteria within their radius, these cleaners are often too harsh on the rug itself. Color fading is a very common outcome form self-cleaners because the chemicals are so strong. Another risk of self-cleaning your rugs is stain spreading. Stains in rugs are tricky, and many cleaners will lighten the stain, but at the expense of making the stain larger. Cleaners cause the stain to spread through the fibers of the rug, which does indeed lighten the color, but causes the stains borders to spread out.

Both color fading and stain spreading are not only eyesores on rugs, but also weaken the fibers of the rug. Heavy scrubbing mixed with harsh chemicals can actually loosen the weave. When a rug begins to loosen, it bubbles up in areas and becomes a tripping hazard. It can even loosen so much that the edges start to curl. Weak and loose fibers will begin to curl up around the edges of rugs, and make it impossible for your rug to lay flat. Also, leaving a wet rug in your home can not only increase the edges of the rug curling up when dried, but also causes buildup of water saturation or color staining on the floor beneath the rug. Moisture buildup is a huge potential for mold growth, foundation damage, and foul odors.

The Safe Way to Clean Rugs

None of these things are desirable for your treasured rug, so how should you go about getting it cleaned? Olde World Rug Washing Company is a professional cleaning specialist offering rug cleaning and repairs. Allowing our technicians to clean your rug in our facility allows us to give the rug a full bath, and ensure adequate drying of your rug to preserve its integrity. We also offer rug and fabric protection to prevent future staining, discourage insect activity, and increase the efficiency of vacuuming to give your rugs a longer lifespan. We provide safe and secure storage of your rug until you are ready to return it to your home. With our nine step cleaning process, we can protect your rug from color fading, stain spreading, weave loosening, and fringe. When it comes to keeping your rugs looking and feeling their best, contact us for more information on how we can take care of your rug and get it back to you as good as new.