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Carpet Rug Cleaning Tips In Eastern Long Island

With Eastern Long Island winters come snow, ice, slush, and salt – which is a nightmare for your rugs. With continued snowfall, dirt damage and moisture retention are constant threats to your rugs. Anyone coming in and out of your home can track in snow and ice, mixed with the melting precipitation and modern chemicals […]

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Get A Whole New Area Rug Without The High Price

Have you ever seen Aladdin? You know, the one about the street boy who finds a magic lamp and gets the girl? Well, that story has many incredible parts. One of my favorites is when he finds a magic carpet. It allows him to visit Jasmine, take her to see places she has never seen […]

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“Clean-Up On Aisle Rug” – Why You Need A Professional

Nothing is better than coming home from a long day, pouring yourself a glass of something cold, and relaxing on your couch. You set your drink down on your rug for one second as you search for the remote. As you stretch across the couch to reach for your device, you accidentally knock your drink […]

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Tips To Having Clean Rugs And Pets

Having beautiful, clean rugs in Eastern Long Island does wonders to help the feeling of “home” you get when you step inside your residence. Unfortunately, some of the people and things you love most (and that really make a place “home”) can make it hard for you to maintain the rugs in your house and […]

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Protecting Your Valuable Rugs and Carpets

Heirloom quality rugs are true works of art. The designs, materials and hours of labor contribute to a lasting treasure that represents the artisan and your Eastern Long Island home’s aesthetic. Whether you purchased rugs at an antiques show, carpet dealer, flea market, or garage sale, find out all you can about the material composition […]

Four Tips For Cleaning Your Rugs

Attractive rugs are an important aspect of an appealing home. However, simply choosing the right rugs for your home is not enough. Keeping them clean is essential as well. Below are four tips for keeping your rugs clean from our rug cleaning experts at Olde World Rug Washing in Eastern Long Island.  Spot Check Spot […]

A Few Tips On Cleaning Your Area Rugs

The right area rug can be just what you need to make a room pop and give it the feel that you want. For this to continue, however, you must keep your rug properly cleaned. Not cleaning area rugs properly leads to them losing their initial appeal and will cost you more money for repairs, […]

Caring For Your Rugs

If you have purchased a rug in Long Island, then you know that they are definitely not cheap. You have to invest a small fortune in your new living room piece, and that means you want to keep it in good shape. The bad news; rugs are walked on, sat on, spilled on, and exposed […]

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3 Reasons To Clean Your Rugs

Eastern Long Island residents are no strangers to dust and dirt. When it comes to our rugs, dust and dirt are easily absorbed into the fibers. The more dust and dirt your rugs absorb, the more wear and tear your rugs will experience, which can lead to a shorter lifespan. The best way to clean […]

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Rush Washing in Eastern Long Island

Growing up, you probably didn’t pay much notice to the area rugs in your home. Like many belongings in the house, they were just always there. However, when you moved into your own home and found out how much a good oriental area rug costs, you probably thought a little more about how to care […]