A Few Tips On Cleaning Your Area Rugs

The right area rug can be just what you need to make a room pop and give it the feel that you want. For this to continue, however, you must keep your rug properly cleaned. Not cleaning area rugs properly leads to them losing their initial appeal and will cost you more money for repairs, or a whole new rug eventually. Here are a few area rug cleaning tips recommended by our professional carpet cleaners at Olde World Rug Company in the Eastern Long Island area.

Remove Any Loose Debris

This should always be your first step when cleaning an area rug. You should also do this even when you don’t clean the rug to prevent loose debris like dirt and dust from being compacted into the rug. Nonetheless, any time before you attempt to clean your rug take the time to go outdoors and shake it well. This will remove much of the debris that has settled in between the fibers of your rug. Once you have done this, run over your rug with a vacuum to pick up any remaining debris.

Test The Rug’s Colorfastness

Colorfastness is a material’s color’s resistance to fading or running. Whenever you use a cleaner that you haven’t used on a certain rug before, apply to a small, inconspicuous corner of the rug to ensure that it doesn’t affect the color of the rug at all. If the colors don’t run, the cleaner is probably safe to use.

Customize Your Cleaning To Each Rug

Not all rugs are created equal. Even subtle differences in the materials to make two rugs could require significant differences in how you go about cleaning them. For example, delicate area rugs should be hand washed to prevent damage while more durable braided rugs can typically be washed inside a mesh laundry pouch on gentle cycle.

Take The Time To Dry Your Rug Properly

Waiting for a rug to dry out all the way can be a hassle, especially if you’re in a hurry to get it done. However, it’s important to do this; otherwise, you risk mold growing in your rug and picking up large amounts of debris as they stick to wet surfaces.

Loosen The Fibers In Your Area Rugs

Over time, the fibers of your rugs become compacted as they are continually walked on. This makes the rug look old and worn. To combat this, you should use a soft bristle brush or a vacuum attachment to gently loosen the fibers of the rug. This will make your rug look fluffy and new like the day you bought it.

Call The Pros

If you’re dealing with more serious problems with your area rugs like stains or compacted dirt, you will want to get in touch with a professional carpet cleaning company such as Olde World Rug Washing in Eastern Long Island. Don’t hesitate to give us a call for big or small rug problems so we can help you make your rugs look and feel new once again.